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Indivisible & Nextgen America Release Video Guides for August Recess Civic Engagement

The five-part video guide will provide practical tips for constituents to make their voices heard, take action, and keep up the pressure on their elected officials

WASHINGTON, DC –The Indivisible Project[1] and NextGen America[2] today released a five-part video guide[3] encouraging constituents to keep up the pressure on their Members of Congress and make their voices heard during the August recess. As part of both organizations’ ongoing work to empower citizens to resist oppressive policies and political agendas, the videos provide a range of simple, practical, user-friendly tips to hold elected officials accountable.

Each video explains a specific accountability tactic Americans can use to best exercise their constituent power and show their representatives that they will hold them accountable for their actions. The videos demonstrate how to ask tough questions at a town hall, how to organize a town hall if a Member of Congress refuses to host one, and how to shoot compelling videos that can get press coverage and go viral.

“Thanks to months of sustained, organized constituent pressure, Trump’s agenda has ground to a halt. August recess is constituents’ biggest moment to demonstrate their power and make their voices heard,” said Leah Greenberg, Co-Executive Director of the Indivisible Project. “These new videos build on tactics in the Indivisible Guide that nearly 6,000 grassroots groups have been using to remind their members of Congress who they work for. By following the tips in these videos, constituents can make sure their members of Congress know that, no matter where they are back home in the state or district, you’re always there to hold them accountable to you.”

“Though many elected officials may be hoping for a break during August recess, there will be no break for the Americans who are suffering under Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s assault on our fundamental rights,” said Tom Steyer, President and Founder of NextGen America. “Indivisible has done extraordinary work mobilizing grassroots activism. NextGen America will partner with Indivisible to provide tangible tools that can empower each constituent to effectively participate in our democracy. Our representatives ultimately report to us, the people, and there will be no recess in our movement to protect American democracy.”


The Indivisible Project is a registered 501c(4) nonprofit. Our mission is to cultivate and lift up a grassroots movement of local groups to defeat the Trump agenda, elect progressive leaders, and realize bold progressive policies. Across the nation, over 5,900 local groups — at least 2 in every congressional district — are using the Indivisible Guide to hold their members of Congress accountable.


Founded originally as NextGen Climate by businessperson and philanthropist Tom Steyer in 2013, NextGen America acts politically to prevent climate disaster, promote prosperity, and protect the fundamental rights of every American.

To view the complete video series, please visit[4] and for individual video links, please see below:

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Seeing is Believing: How to Shoot a Video to Advance Your Cause: Click Here[6]

Make Your Voice Heard: How To Ask A Question At A Town Hall: Click Here[7]

Exercise Your Rights How To Hold A Constituents’ Town Hall And Invite Media: Click Here[8]

A Little Help From My Friends: Ask A Neighboring Rep To #AdoptADistrict: Click Here[9]

Chicago-area Constituents Protest TrumpCare With Mobile Billboards and Rallies

WHEATON, IL—A mobile billboard truck that holds our representatives accountable and spreads awareness about the harm of the American Health Care Act makes its final stops Thursday at rallies in the Chicago suburbs and the city.

After debuting in Springfield earlier this week and making its way through the state, the tour arrives in Rep. Peter Roskam’s district for a rally at 11 a.m. in Wheaton’s Central Park, 600 S Main Street. From there, it will go on to Rep. Roskam’s Barrington District office. The final stop on the tour’s 1,100-mile trek is at a rally in Chicago’s Federal Plaza at 2:30 p.m ( speakers start at 3 p.m. ).

As the Senate vote looms, a coalition of local Indivisible groups are protesting local representatives’ support for an unpopular bill that would raise health care costs for some of the state’s most vulnerable residents. Residents are asking their senators to filibuster-by-amendment and do everything they can to stop TrumpCare. We are also asking Gov. Rauner to speak out strongly against the bill.

“Congressman Roskam has forgotten that he works for us. Cutting 23 million people off from healthcare is not working in the best interest of his constituents,” said Jax West, a leader of Friends Who March. “He claims that the ACA needs to be replaced, but why would you rush something this important without getting the CBO score? Congressman Roskam is out of touch with the wants and needs of his district.”

“We want to hold Illinois Republicans accountable: the congressmen for their AHCA votes and Governor Rauner for his silence. As a small family business owner who can only afford coverage thanks to the ACA, I’ve been working tireless to stop TrumpCare from devastating families like ours across Illinois. Before the ACA, my sister fell and broke several bones. We couldn’t afford the emergency care she needed,” Clare Duggan, organizer at Indivisible 123GO. “We don’t want to go back to the days before the ACA. Congress needs to heal, not repeal our healthcare system. Unless Governor Rauner speaks out and TrumpCare is stopped in Washington, our state budget crisis will get much worse, Illinois families will lose healthcare and jobs, and rich people like Bruce Rauner will get huge tax cuts.”

Indivisible Illinois has crowdfunded nearly $19,000 for billboards that call out our representatives and encourage Gov. Rauner to speak out as part of the fight to protect our healthcare. The billboard truck has made stops at rallies in Springfield, DeKalb, Peoria, Campton Hills and Rockford this week. Key facts listed on the billboards include:

  • Under TrumpCare, parents of children born with conditions such as asthma could pay twice as much as those with children born without pre-existing conditions.
  • More than half of births in Illinois are covered by Medicaid, and TrumpCare would cut Medicaid by $834 billion.
  • Under TrumpCare, companies would not be required to cover their employees’ prenatal care.

About Indivisible Illinois:

Our mission is to fuel a progressive grassroots movement to defeat the Trump agenda. Across the nation, over 5,800 local groups ( at least 2 in every congressional district ) are using the Indivisible Guide to hold their members of Congress accountable.

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